We manufacture lithium batteries as well as lithium energy storage products for many kinds of applications.

Residential Solar Power System

Home Solar Power Storage System

Commercial ESS

One-stop solution for customized energy storage system integration

Forklift/Sweeper Battery

Lead acid battery replacement battery,deep cycle battery

RV Battery

Auxiliary power for Recreational Vehicle or camping car back up battery

Golf Cart Battery

Can be use for low speed transportation

Marine Yacht Battery

Deep cycle marine battery, waterproof yacht battery,

Fishing Battery

fish finders, flashers and boating electronics, ice fishing

Portable Power Station

Outdoor solar generator for camping

Solar Light Battery

12v 30Ah, 50Ah, 80Ah, 24v 60Ah solar street light Project

5G Telecom Battery

Battery for 5G tower,mobile tower

AGV Battery

Fast charge, RS485, RS232, CAN available

Airport Tractor Battery

Battery capacity depends on the real needs and size limitation

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