AGV Robot Lithium Battery

Automated Guided Vehicle Batteries.

Support RS485 / RS232 / CANBUS/ bluetooth solutions, support active balancing solution, romote control solution, and independently developed battery self-heating scheme and load scheme. 

Features and Applicable Scenarios

AGV (IGV) is widely used in three-dimensional storage and flexible production lines, and it is also the best choice for many manufacturing enterprises to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs. Because AGV is trackless, it has a wide range of applications, various structural forms and control methods, so there are many types of AGVs.

AGV lithium batteries

Designed for autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs) and other material handling equipment, presents many cost, performance, and environmental improvements over the traditional lead acid batteries.


We devoted power automotive level technology to AGV lithium batteries R&D, design, manufacturing process, producing outstanding qualities of AGV power lithium-ion battery with high safety, lightweight, long life span, environmental applicability, fast charge, etc. Further, we can also work with customers and provide its design and battery expertise to create custom solutions for specialty equipment and battery needs.

Meet your needs

We has developed advanced Lithium ion rechargeable battery solutions optimized to meet the power, energy, quality and safety requirements for the indoor material handling equipment market. These batteries can directly replace existing lead acid batteries currently used by most suppliers of material handling equipment. 

Advantages of AGV

① High work efficiency, the AGV trolley can realize automatic charging function, and under the premise of safety redundancy, it can realize 24-hour continuous operation, which greatly improves the handling efficiency of products and materials.

② Save energy, AGV realizes full digitalization, which can effectively avoid human factors and improve the level.

③ With better flexibility and scalability, the intelligent sensor of the intelligent AGV car, in addition to the traditional position, speed, acceleration, etc., also applies the fusion technology of multi-smart sensors such as machine vision, force feedback, etc. for decision-making control. Sensor fusion configuration technology has been maturely applied in existing AGV equipment.

④ High reliability. Compared with the low efficiency of manual handling, the unknown path, speed and safety of forklifts and trailers, the travel path and speed of AGV are controllable, and the positioning and parking are accurate, thus greatly improving the efficiency of material handling. The AGV center can monitor the whole process of the AGV car, and the reliability is greatly improved.

⑤ High safety, AGV has relatively complete safety protection capabilities, intelligent traffic routes, safety and collision avoidance, multi-level warning, emergency braking, fault reporting, etc., and can play a unique role in many occasions that are not suitable for human work. 

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Generally speaking, by choosing to rely on rechargeable lithium batteries, customer has chosen to guarantee greater efficiency for the entire plant and to eliminate all problems connected to conventional batteries, including: high costs of maintenance, low energetic efficiency, limit of charge, short battery life.

Lithium-ion batteries are low maintenance, fast charging, and high performing, all of which contribute to warehouses maximizing their production. 

Life expectancy and reliability are two key elements for robots and AGVs to be available 24/7. Fast or partial recharging, boost or tethering charge, many options are possible with Lithium-Ion to make the systems operational at any time.

Popular models


● Over-charge and over-discharge protection;


● Passive balancing system

● Professional industial design and material

● Widely working temprature

● EMC protection design

● High quality batteries, material specifications and models

● Intelligent protection board, communication protocol and interface can be customized

● Automatic spot welding process to ensure connection reliability and meet high current charge and discharge

● Zero maintenance

● Easy installation, light and easy to install

● Quality guaranteed, long serve life

Welcome customized order


Below are some of the mose popular models:

Voltage Capacity Communication
24V 80AH RS485
24V 80AH CANBUS,Self-heating
48V 20AH RS485
48V 60AH CAN
48V 80AH RS485
48V 100AH RS485
48V 150AH CANBUS,BMS active equalization
80V 400AH RS485
220V 80AH RS485 & CANBUS

AGVs and Li-ion Batteries--A Match Made in Heaven

Lithium Valley supplies your complete AGV system.

  1. From the development of the vehicle to navigation equipment
  2. From energy management to control software
  3. The right battery for your AGV

AGV Battery Relay Project Test

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) perform high volume, repetitive tasks in tough and demanding work environments - Micropower's Li-ion batteries, charging solutions and systems are up for the challenge.

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