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Peak Carbon Emissions

by 2030

Carbon Neutrality

by 2060

Step into the future with our game-changing energy storage solutions! We’re not just evolving technology; we’re nurturing nature. Each stored watt brings us closer to a cleaner, brighter world. Join us, and let’s light up a greener tomorrow!

We believe succeeding financially and ethically
go hand-in-hand

Energy Savings

By optimizing energy efficiency across all facilities, we have reduced total energy usage by 15% over the past 3 years.

With climate change and social responsibility becoming increasingly important issues worldwide, we aim to serve as a role model within our industry for sustainable and ethical business practices.

Sustainable Operation

We utilize renewable energy sources such as solar to power 30% of our manufacturing operations, with plans to reach more by 2025.

① Reducing Our Environmental Footprint


② Empowering Our Employees and Communities


③ Ethics, Transparency, and Corporate Governance

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We have taken numerous steps to reduce our environmental impact and carbon footprint.

We promote health, safety, and wellness through robust workplace policies and Employee Assistance Programs.

We undergo annual audits by independent third parties and maintain rigorous internal controls.




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