Energy Storage System

Overall Solution for Industrial and Commercial Energy Storage

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  • OEM/ODM professional battery manufacturing factory, installed in place, convenient and quick

  • One-stop solution for customized energy storage system integration

  • Diversified customer needs, applicable to multiple scenarios

  • Intelligent operation and maintenance backstage, can view the system status, and easily obtain information

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250kW /500kWh Energy Storage System


Ecological Resort 0 carbon Energy Storage Demonstration Project in a Certain Place in the South

Solar Installed Capacity:350kW

Equivalent Full Hair Time:4-5h

Wind Power Installed Capacity:120kW

Monthly Electricity Consumption:70000kWh

Peak Load Power:120-150kW


Energy storage Battery System Project of a Mining Plant in Australia

Battery Cell:LifePO4 3.2V105Ah;

Battery Pack(2P16S)51.2V,210Ah,10.752kWh

Battery Cluster(2P192S):12pcs PACK,614.4V,210Ah,129.024kWh;

Voltage Range:537.6~700.8V;

Battery System(2P192S*8):614.4,400Ah, 129.024kWh*8=1032.192kWh;

Whole Cabin Capacity:1032.192kWh*2=2064.384kWh

2MWhEnergy Storage System

“One-stop Energy Storage Integrated Supply Solution, Make Energy Storage Integration More Secure and Worry-free ”

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