Energy Storage System

Overall Solution for Industrial and Commercial Energy Storage

The energy storage system consists of a 30-foot energy storage system container with a planned design capacity of 500kW/1MWh. The energy storage system container includes energy storage system, battery management system, PCS, UPS, EMS, lighting, fire protection, HVAC and distribution. Auxiliary components such as electrical access systems, with installation/maintenance channels;
The power grid system of the plant is connected to the power grid system of the power distribution room through the feeder cabinet to realize the functions of peak shaving and valley filling, demand management, energy saving, load balancing, dynamic capacity increase, and power factor improvement. The electrical topology of the energy storage system is as follows

Energy Storage System - Containerized

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System Configuration
Primary Components of ESS
0.5MW 1MWH 30HC ESS Diagram
Top View

Battery system composition

Cell: lithium iron phosphate 100Ah, 3.2V; Battery pack box (2P16S): 51.2V, 200Ah, 10.24kWh; Battery cluster (2P192S): 12 battery packs, 614.4V, 200Ah, 122.88kWh; Voltage range: 537.6 ~ 700.8V; Battery system (2P192S*8): 614.4, 1600Ah, 122.88kWh *8=983.04kWh.

Power conversion system (PCS)

The energy storage converter equipment adopts a modular design, each module is 62.5KW, and 8 modules can be connected in parallel to form a 500KW energy storage converter. The battery input in the project can use 4 branch inputs, which can minimize the amount of energy between the battery packs. 

Energy Management System(EMS)

The EMS system consists of two parts: the bay layer and the station control layer. Spacer: Contains 2 sets of battery compartments and 1 set of inverter booster compartments. Station control layer: composed of NeuEMS system and Beidou time synchronization system.

BMS configuration

The system is mainly composed of a master control unit (three-level architecture) (BAU), a master control unit (BCU), a slave control unit (BMU) and the corresponding wiring harness.

Air conditioning system

The entire container is equipped with 2 cabinet air conditioners with a cooling capacity of 7.5KW (1MWh standard container configuration). The top air duct is used to realize the temperature control of the battery system, so that the battery can run stably at a suitable temperature.

Fire protection system

Since the energy storage system is unattended, a manual-automatic integrated fire-fighting system is adopted in the battery box. The fire protection system is composed of fire alarm controller/gas fire extinguishing control panel, composite gas detector, sound and light alarm, fire extinguishing device, etc.

Lithium Valley | Energy Storage System 0.5MW 1MWH

1 Peak shaving and valley filling, by charging and storing energy during the valley, and discharging energy during peak hours, reducing the electricity cost of enterprises or parks, and saving customers electricity costs

2 Demand response. When the short-term power consumption is greater than the capacity of the transformer, the energy storage system performs rapid discharge to meet the demand for electrical energy of the load.

3 Dynamic capacity increase, use energy storage equipment to replace the capacity of the voltage transformer at peak time, help users reduce the cost of transformer use, reduce transformer investment and expansion cycles, and conduct short-term power transactions on the power market trading platform in combination with load forecasts to maximize revenue.

4 Off-grid backup power supply provides an uninterrupted short-term power supply for important loads when the power is interrupted, reducing the economic loss caused by the sudden power failure of the load.

check out some Projects

250kW /500kWh Energy Storage System


Ecological Resort 0 carbon Energy Storage Demonstration Project in a Certain Place in the South

Solar Installed Capacity:350kW

Equivalent Full Hair Time:4-5h

Wind Power Installed Capacity:120kW

Monthly Electricity Consumption:70000kWh

Peak Load Power:120-150kW


Energy storage Battery System Project of a Mining Plant in Australia

Battery Cell:LifePO4 3.2V105Ah;

Battery Pack(2P16S)51.2V,210Ah,10.752kWh

Battery Cluster(2P192S):12pcs PACK,614.4V,210Ah,129.024kWh;

Voltage Range:537.6~700.8V;

Battery System(2P192S*8):614.4,400Ah, 129.024kWh*8=1032.192kWh;

Whole Cabin Capacity:1032.192kWh*2=2064.384kWh

2MWhEnergy Storage System

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