Lithium Valley Mobile Energy Storage System

In a recent event, the Chinese International Energy Storage Exhibition kicked off grandly in Suzhou. This exhibition brought together the latest energy storage technologies and products from numerous companies. Lithium Valley showcased its newly developed mobile energy storage power stations, attracting a significant number of attendees.

At the exhibition, Lithium Valley displayed a range of home energy storage battery products and energy storage cabinets suitable for small and medium-sized businesses, featuring modular, stackable, high-voltage, wall-mounted, and other diverse product characteristics that cover various energy storage application scenarios.

Facing the continuously flourishing demands of energy storage applications in industrial and commercial sectors, Lithium Valley is committed to providing innovative solutions. Whether balancing daytime energy consumption or meeting power needs during emergencies, our products can provide reliable energy support at critical moments.

At the exhibition, Lithium Valley unveiled its latest series of mobile energy storage station products for the first time, providing reliable temporary power solutions for achieving zero emissions and low noise.

This product series includes two capacity specifications: 20 kWh and 60 kWh. They can be flexibly combined through intelligent parallel connection to meet the power demands of various scales. The products are compact and lightweight, designed specifically for temporary outdoor power usage. They are equipped with an intelligent energy management system that dynamically optimizes system operation based on power needs, ensuring efficient and cost-effective power supply.

This series of mobile energy storage stations is highly suitable for temporary outdoor power usage for households, backup power for construction sites, and small facilities. They can even serve as modular components for high-power systems. With zero pollution, zero noise, and high efficiency, they are an ideal choice for temporary power supply scenarios.

Seeds carry hope, and energy storage illuminates the future.

For this exhibition, we introduced a "Check-in to Receive Seed Gift Pack" activity, which attracted many passersby. We hope to use seeds as a symbol to convey the boundless possibilities of energy storage technology, safeguard life with technology, and convey the love for the Earth through small seeds, making green living a norm.

The continuous advancement and application of energy storage technology drive the development of the clean energy revolution, providing important references and cooperative opportunities for global energy transformation. Lithium Valley promotes growth through practice and collaboration with the industry, building a better low-carbon future together."


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