Over the past decade, the consumption of renewable energy in the Netherlands has witnessed growth. In 2019, renewable energy accounted for 8.7% of the energy consumed. However, when it comes to consumption, the Netherlands still lags behind other EU countries. Despite this, the production of renewable energy in the Netherlands has been consistently rising.

In other words, while the production and consumption of renewable energy are expanding, the Dutch energy sector still relies heavily on fossil fuels. As of today, the Netherlands primarily relies on energy derived from oil and gas. In 2020, the country consumed 746,000 barrels of oil and 36.6 billion cubic meters of natural gas daily. Additionally, the country's dependence on energy imports is also on the rise. It is estimated that in 2018, the Netherlands relied on imports for 68% of its energy needs.

Importantly, in 2021, most of the imported renewable energy in the Netherlands came from Italy and Spain. As of 2020, the EU's target was to have approximately 20% of the energy consumed by the European population and companies sourced from renewable energy. This implies that the Netherlands needs to increase its utilization of renewable energy to align with the EU's goals.

 It's time for the Netherlands to embrace the renewable energy revolution, reduce dependence on imports, and accelerate the transition towards a greener future. Let's work together to make renewable energy a driving force in reshaping the energy landscape! 


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