On May 16, 2023, the China International Battery Fair (CIBF) was grandly opened at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center! As one of the world's largest battery and energy industry events, CIBF2023 has far-reaching significance for the promotion and realization of the "dual carbon" goal, as well as the promotion of worldwide new energy battery technology development and industrial upgrading!

This CIBF exhibition attracted more than 2,500 exhibitors from home and abroad to make a collective appearance, and the number of visitors on the first day reached 140,000, a record high.

The exhibition focused on displaying global power batteries, energy storage batteries, 3C batteries, various battery materials, manufacturing equipment, power, and energy storage system solutions, and will especially focus on displaying some of the latest developments in the field of power batteries and new energy storage in the past two years.

The market's attention to the field of energy storage is unprecedentedly high, and many energy storage companies, including Lithium Valley, are crowded with people at the exhibition, attracting many domestic and foreign buyers, distributors, and consulting companies to negotiate.

Lithium Valley mainly focuses on household energy storage and industrial and commercial energy storage solutions. At the exhibition, we displayed a variety of residential energy storage systems and outdoor battery energy storage cabinets for small industrial and commercial applications.

For home users, a series of smart home energy storage solutions of Lithium Valley can integrate different life scenarios and combine with self-developed BMS solutions, which can well achieve the goal of self-sufficient energy supply and energy saving and emission reduction. Users can flexibly configure energy storage capacity according to household energy consumption, and easily manage and utilize clean energy.

For small industrial and commercial fields, users can flexibly configure battery capacity according to energy requirements to meet high power output in specific scenarios of commercial buildings. They are safe and reliable, can stabilize power supply, and provide backup power in the event of a grid outage, ensuring business continuity and responding to emergencies.

In 2023, commercial and industrial energy storage is at an important inflection point. Affected by various factors such as policy support, market attention, technological development and improvement of profit plans, the industrial and commercial energy storage industry is expected to usher in a major explosion.

According to BNEF's forecast, by 2025, the world's new installed capacity of industrial and commercial photovoltaic supporting energy storage will reach an astonishing 29.7 GWh. At the same time, assuming that energy storage technology is gradually infiltrated and widely used, it is estimated that by 2025, the global installed capacity of industrial and commercial photovoltaic-supporting energy storage will reach 12.29 GWh.

These data show that industrial and commercial energy storage is gradually becoming an important part of the energy industry and will gain a broader market share in the next few years.

Clean energy and advanced storage solutions play a vital role in realizing the international community's commitment to a sustainable future. Lithium Valley will also work with many energy storage companies to continuously break through the boundaries of the energy storage field and promote innovation in renewable energy.


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