Recently, Lithium Valley has obtained a Greenhouse Gas Emission Verification Statement and  Product Carbon Footprint Certificate, further demonstrating our firm commitment to environmental sustainability and transparent reporting practices, as well as our determination to improve carbon management and achieve carbon neutrality goals.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Verification Statement

In 1998, the World Resources Institute (WRI) and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) jointly initiated the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP). This protocol aims to establish internationally recognized accounting and reporting standards and guidelines for corporate greenhouse gas emissions and promote their global application. GHGP defines methods and principles for measuring emissions from various sources and activities, such as direct emissions from combustion and indirect emissions from electricity consumption, providing guidance and standards for quantifying, reporting, and managing greenhouse gas emissions. To date, over 90% of the Fortune Global 500 companies have included the greenhouse gas protocol in their reporting to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

To better verify and demonstrate the accuracy and reliability of reported greenhouse gas emissions, the Greenhouse Gas Emission Verification Statement was created as a formal document. It involves independent assessment and validation of an organization's emission data, methods, and reporting practices, following the guidelines and protocols outlined in GHGP, ensuring consistency and credibility.

Through a rigorous evaluation by independent verification agencies, Lithium Valley's Greenhouse Gas Emission Verification Statement confirms the accuracy and reliability of our reported greenhouse gas emission data. This verification process follows the globally recognized ISO 14064 standard for greenhouse gas emission verification, ensuring compliance with industry norms and best practices.

Lithium Valley demonstrates its commitment to environmental responsibility through comprehensive emission inventories, including both direct emissions from manufacturing processes and indirect emissions from energy consumption. We actively take measures to optimize energy efficiency, invest in renewable energy, and implement waste reduction programs to actively reduce our carbon footprint. The Greenhouse Gas Emission Verification Statement serves as external validation of the effectiveness of these initiatives, further proving Lithium Valley's position as a responsible company.

Product Carbon Footprint Certificate

Unlike the overall greenhouse gas emissions of Lithium Valley, the Product Carbon Footprint Certificate, based on the ISO 14067 standard, provides an accurate and reliable assessment of greenhouse gas emissions throughout the lifecycle of our products. This certification covers a comprehensive evaluation of Lithium Valley's products, including the production process, raw material procurement, manufacturing, distribution, and usage stages, confirming the low-carbon characteristics of our products and their positive impact on climate change.

With the gradual introduction of national product carbon footprint evaluation programs, a new wave of green initiatives is bound to arise in the future. As an energy storage integrator dedicated to creating highly energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions, Lithium Valley will continue to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of more products through ongoing technological innovation and process improvement. We focus on optimizing the supply chain, adopting renewable energy and high-efficiency production technologies, and implementing meticulous management in every aspect, contributing Lithium Valley's strength to the world's green energy efforts.


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