How to choose the size of container ESS module

This year, “energy storage”, “power battery”, “new energy vehicles”, “lithium resources” and other words become the NPC and CPPCC representatives, members of the hot discussion of the key words. Among them, suggestions and proposals from industry representatives and committee members provide a perspective from the industry market, and also reveal the future development direction of […]

Fire safety knowledge of lithium batteries

What causes of lithium battery fires? 1.Internal short circuitBecause of the abuse of the battery as the overcharge before put in crystal, the impurities such as dust in the process of producing batteries, exacerbating generated pierced diaphragm, produce micro short circuit, the electric energy that cause temperature rise of temperature of material chemistry and enlarged […]

What is 4680 battery? Why 4680 battery more and more popular?

1. Introduction 1.1.Definition The 4680 battery is Tesla’s new generation cylindrical battery with a diameter of 46mm and a height of 80mm. P1: 4680 battery display diagram As for the battery, the power density will decrease when the energy density increases. The diameter of 46mm is the optimal choice for the cylindrical battery with both […]

What is 5G? Everything You Need to Know – Definition

5G is the term used to describe the next-generation of mobile networks beyond LTE mobile networks. At least four major phone carriers in the US — AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint — have solid plans to introduce their mobile 5G networks in 2019. AT&T has even started trials with 5G mobile hotspots in 12 cities. Verizon […]

About Lithium Valley LiFePO4 battery cycle life

Normally,Lithium Valley offer 2 years warranty for our LiFePO4 battery,battery cycle life 2000+ times base on 80% DOD,and after 2000+,there will still be around 65% capacity left. Customers always asked,why other supplier can offer 5000 times cycle life,now we clarify as below, 1>Single LiFePO4 cell cycle life can reach 5000 times,but the cycle life will […]

What battery I need to run my trolling motor?

Most electric trolling motor will operate with any deep cycle 12-volt marine battery. But for the longest run time and lifespan we recommend lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries. Here’s 4 reasons why: Lithium Valley LiFePO4 batteries will provide double to triple the run time. More run time means more fishing time. LiFePo4 batteries last longer […]

What if the lithium battery catches fire? Fire precautions for lithium batteries

According to the Local Fire Service of Australia (CFA), on July.30 2021 a fire broke out at an electrical storage facility in Moorabool, Australia, a 13-tonne Set of Tesla Megapack batteries caught fire and more than 30 fire engines arrived at the scene to take part in the operation, which took 150 firefighters four days to contain until […]

A Great Success In GBF Battery Sourcing Fair

2019 The 4th GBF ASIS Battery Sourcing Fair was successfully held at the (GUANGZHOU)China Import and Export Fair Hall in. As the largest professional exhibition in battery industry in those year, this exhibition attracted 441 battery and industry chain-related enterprises to participate, which provided a global market for Chinese battery industry . We aims to […]


Q:Can I buy a few batteries as samples? What is the quantity of minimum order? A:Of course, we are supporting customers to buy 1-2 samples as the beginning of our business cooperation. Q. Can we put different LiFePO4 battery pack in parallel or series by ourself? A: Yes. The battery can be put in parallel […]

State Power Investment Corp investing in a greener future

Lithium Battery Pack Production Line State Power Investment Corp, the world’s largest investor in solar power generating plants, has been stepping up efforts in clean energy transformation and is now taking a lead in the sector. In July 2015, China Power Investment Corp and State Nuclear Power Technology Corp, the country’s two major electricity industry […]