The winter vacation in Europe is reminiscent of the original snow scenery, wonderful winter activities, fewer tourists queuing, lower cost and the romance of having a hot drink at the RV pick-up and return shop. Next, we will introduce some of the best countries in Europe, let you experience the fairyland of Europe in winter, and you will see or do some cool things in the journey of RV.

European RV self driving is an exciting and beneficial way to travel for many reasons. When you go to Europe in winter, you can enjoy quieter scenic spots, fewer people, perfect scenery and low rent RV. You will be fascinated by the changing winter scenery. Plan your winter vacation now and add one or more unforgettable destinations to your European RV drive.

1. When driving in a specific location, please consult your RV supplier for the installation of winter tires and snow chains.
2. Always drive within the speed limit.
3. In winter, the days are short. Pay attention to the driving time to ensure that you will not drive at night.
4. Contact the campsite in advance to ensure it is open and has parking space.


Couples skate hand in hand, and the cold wind is blowing in front of them - there is no better place than Budapest, the capital of Hungary. Here, the picturesque Central Park, varosligeti mujegpalya, has a huge outdoor skating rink, perfect for skating with family. If you feel cold, you can enjoy the hot salt bath of "miskoltz taupolcha cave", where you can warm your bones in the beautiful natural cave. In the evening, find a "broken bar" to have some delicious drinks. These tall drinking places were created in the abandoned buildings.

Did we mention the Christmas fair? With St. Stephen's Cathedral as the background, stroll in the colorful market of St. Stephen's Square. If you're going to visit before Christmas, you'll have the chance to see an incredible 3D visual light show projected on the church. Hungary is a place rich in traditional culture, it is very suitable for winter travel. Book a Hungarian RV and explore the perfect winter wonderland at your own pace.


In December, we live for the Christmas market. These romantic and historic events are everywhere in Germany. Here businesses carpet and stroll in front of cute stalls, sipping warm syrup and selling everything from freshly made gingerbread to Christmas decorations. The famous markets in Cologne and Munich attract a lot of tourists, but you'll find many other markets in small towns.

Take the kids to the rink in heinzels wintermarch and dreamland, Germany, which is the equivalent of Disneyland in Cologne. Here you can visit the magnificent Cologne Cathedral, which is a magical winter landscape. Skiers can go to gamisch, a beautiful town in the German Alps. It is famous for skiing, skating and hiking. You can take the cable car to Zuge peak, the highest peak in Germany, and enjoy the postcard like beauty. Winter vacation in Germany provides a lot of outdoor activities for RV travelers.


If you're going to have an adventurous winter vacation, go to Italy. Those who are keen on winter sports should go to South Tyrol, where you will find many ski resorts suitable for skiers. Why not try a snowshoe tour through the perfect snow scenery of the dolomite mountains?

In the cold months, city dwellers can't conquer Rome, and the passenger flow is small. Before renting a car to Italy, it's a great choice for exploration. Have you ever seen the ancient Roman Coliseum lit up by the Christmas tree? Magnificent! If you want to enjoy the Mediterranean winter sunshine, you can drive to the Amalfi Coast. In winter, you will have a mild climate and quiet beaches, without noisy crowds. We like the unique charm of Italian winter.


If you go to Spain to chase the winter sunshine, you will find beautiful scenery like the coast of Andalusia, which is said to have the warmest winter in the whole European continent. Further south, you can find the charm of Almeria. This medieval seaside city welcomes visitors with its underground galleries, magnificent cathedrals, brilliant beaches and Renaissance influenced churches. Did you know that Almeria has no record of sub zero temperatures, so it's an ideal place for people looking for a warm winter.

The Granada mountains and the Sierra Nevada mountains provide visitors with unexpected changes and exciting outdoor activities. If you're going to Barcelona, winter is the best time. Walking in warm clothes in Fira de Santa, the streets around avinguda de la Cathedral become a Magical Christmas Wonderland. Don't forget your camera! If you choose to visit Spain in winter, you will have no regrets in your life.


Romania is the best choice for its rich history, numerous cities and traditional villages. With its silver covered pastures, farms and wooded areas, the cold winter adds extra space to this tiny corner of Europe. You can drive to the Carpathians, which offer many hiking opportunities to small villages.

Visit the stunning Chateau Blanc, one of Romania's most memorable attractions, and don't miss the Chateau pelles. When it's wrapped in snow, it's like coming straight out of a Disney movie. The glittering snow highlights the beauty of the buildings, and you will certainly enjoy the feeling of walking in the old town of blassov. Finally, we must go to Siberia. If you are looking forward to a romantic winter vacation, Siberia can satisfy you. It has charming cobblestone streets, medieval buildings and a city decorated with beautiful festival lights. Rent a comfortable RV and experience everything in Romania.

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