The energy storage industry is experiencing a period of unprecedented growth, with a plethora of applications being developed at an unprecedented pace. Different applications necessitate different energy storage solutions. When designing energy storage power stations, substantial time and resources are often devoted to product selection.

Enter the integrated energy storage cabinet, an innovative power supply delivery form that merges lithium iron phosphate batteries, battery management systems (BMS), energy storage converters (PCS), energy management systems (EMS), air conditioning, and fire protection systems into a single outdoor cabinet. This product is characterized by its high level of integration, standardization, single-cluster battery management, plug-and-play functionality, and flexibility. It can be seamlessly incorporated into a variety of applications, such as low-voltage station areas, county-wide photovoltaic consumption, peak shaving and valley filling in parks, solar storage and charging, microgrids, building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV), power protection and backup, to name a few. It has become a cornerstone of the energy storage industry, earning the moniker of "hexagonal warriors".

Since 2019, Lithium Valley Technology has been delivering high-quality integrated energy storage cabinets, accumulating a wealth of experience in product design and application. The product has evolved from an early large-format offering with limited functionality to a compact yet fully featured solution. It has been successfully adapted to various demanding environments, such as high and low temperatures, and high salt spray conditions, passing all tests with flying colors.

Capacity: 60kW/56kWh

Application Scenario: Solve the problem of the capacity gap of the charging station on the expressway

Capacity: 50kW/100kWh

Application Scenario: Low-voltage station area, to solve the problem of peak capacity gap in residential electricity consumption

Project capacity: 100kW/200kWh

Application Scenario: Microgrid to solve the problem of island residents' electricity consumption

Project Capacity: 30kW/96.6kWh*7

Application Scenario: Solve the problem of promoting photovoltaic consumption in the whole county

Capacity: 60kW/125kWh*4

Application Scenario: The park cuts peaks and fills valleys

Capacity: 60kW/113kWh*2

Scenario Description: Photovoltaic storage charging, solving capacity problems + peak shaving and valley filling

Comprehensive Certification: The battery boasts a range of certifications, including UL1642, GB/T36276, GB/T34131, IEC62619, UL9540A, UN38.3, and others.

Robust and Dependable: Equipped with a built-in smoke sensor, temperature sensor, gas detection system, temperature control, and fire protection system, this energy storage solution offers real-time monitoring of the box's status. It can be quickly and effectively controlled in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.

Effortless Accessibility: With AC400V three-phase four-wire output and direct low-voltage access, this solution supports both grid-connected and off-grid operation, enabling simple access and ease of use.

Simple Installation: All components are integrated into the cabinet, eliminating the need for secondary assembly. On-site installation requires only the connection of the external wiring harness, and the solution supports battery transportation.

Modular Design: The solution offers a modular design, allowing for the optional inclusion of STS, MPPT, DCDC, and isolation transformers, catering to diverse application scenarios.

Intelligent Functionality: With support for both remote and local control, cloud platform monitoring, and the IEC61850 communication protocol, this energy storage solution offers advanced and intelligent operation.

Lithium Valley Technology places great emphasis on product innovation and quality excellence. It offers a comprehensive range of voltage levels, spanning from 5V to 1500V, as well as full-scenario energy storage systems and tailored lithium battery solutions. Its products cater to diverse applications in new energy power generation, grid auxiliary services, microgrids, industrial and commercial parks, household energy storage, charging piles, data centers, communication base stations, and more.

By promoting the high-quality development of the energy storage industry, Lithium Valley Technology is committed to realizing the world's zero-carbon vision. With its expertise and dedication, Lithium Valley Technology aims to contribute to the renewable energy sector and facilitate the transition to sustainable energy sources.


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