On May 26th, the 16th International Solar Photovoltaic and Intelligent Energy (SNEC) Exhibition concluded at the New International Expo Center in Pudong, Shanghai. Lithium Valley's integrated energy storage system solutions attracted the attention of numerous attendees and industry experts at the exhibition.

Of particular note, Intertek awarded Lithium Valley's energy storage systems with multiple certifications, including UL 1973, UL 9540A, and IEC 62619. These certifications grant the highest global recognition standards for the safety and performance of Lithium Valley's lithium energy storage systems, paving the way for further expansion in the international market. The certification ceremony took place at the 2023 SNEC Photovoltaic Exhibition, with Mr. Gao Shaoheng from Lithium Valley and Mr. Li Yifeng, the Sales Director of Intertek Electronic and Electrical in East and North China, participating in the ceremony.

Mr. Li Yifeng presented the certification certificate to Lithium Valley.

The certification assessment by Intertek covered various products, including high-voltage stackable, wall-mounted, and 3U systems, meeting the needs of various application scenarios and providing users with more flexible and diversified choices. Users can flexibly expand battery capacity according to their own needs, ensuring maximum efficiency for every unit of electricity. The company's energy storage products fully consider the requirements of modern energy storage systems and possess various advantages, such as integration, compactness, lightness, intelligence, standardization, and environmental friendliness. The products adopt advanced lithium battery technology, featuring high energy density, long lifespan, and high charge-discharge efficiency. Additionally, through an intelligent management system, users can monitor the battery's status and performance in real-time, ensuring stable system operation.

Mr. Li Yifeng, Sales Director of Intertek Electronic and Electrical in East and North China, expressed:

The cooperation between Intertek and Lithium Valley in the energy storage field lays a solid foundation for future collaboration. Intertek Tianxiang Group's energy storage system and inverter laboratory possess advanced testing equipment and a team of experienced engineers. As one of the internationally accredited laboratories, including China's CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment), the U.S.'s A2LA (American Association for Laboratory Accreditation), NRTL (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory), Australia's CCS, India's MNRE, Brazil's INMETRO, Mexico's NOM, and Taiwan's BSMI, Intertek Tianxiang Group's service scope covers the entire Asia-Pacific region. The issuance of UL and IEC certificates to Lithium Valley is the result of practical cooperation between both parties, providing strong support for Lithium Valley's smooth entry into the international market.

As a company dedicated to providing reliable and efficient energy storage solutions for global energy transformation, we offer comprehensive solutions for various application scenarios, including residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Lithium Valley can tailor the most suitable solutions based on customer needs and specific scenarios, whether it is a photovoltaic + energy storage system or a grid + energy storage system.

At the exhibition, we showcased our latest product portfolio, including high-energy density lithium-ion batteries, intelligent energy management systems, and advanced battery management systems in the industry. The combination of these advanced technologies enables Lithium Valley's energy storage systems to exhibit outstanding performance and reliability in energy storage, power dispatching, and grid stability.

Compared to traditional energy storage systems, Lithium Valley's solutions have several key advantages. The high-energy density lithium-ion batteries enable the system to store more energy in a relatively small space. Furthermore, the intelligent energy management system allows for precise monitoring and management of energy, achieving optimal energy utilization efficiency. Simultaneously, our self-developed battery management system ensures the safety and reliability of battery components, extending the system's lifespan.

In the future, Lithium Valley will continue to focus on technological innovation and product optimization to meet the growing demand for energy storage. We believe that through the combination of renewable energy and energy storage, we can jointly promote the development of green energy and contribute to achieving a low-carbon future worldwide.

Whether for low-carbon environmental protection or sustainable economic development, Lithium Valley's integrated energy storage system solutions will provide customers with reliable, efficient, and sustainable energy solutions. We look forward to collaborating with partners from all sectors to create a bright future in the photovoltaic and energy storage fields, and together, build a cleaner and greener world.

About Intertek

Intertek is a leading global provider of comprehensive quality assurance services, always providing professional, accurate, fast, and enthusiastic support to help customers succeed in the market. With over 1,000 laboratories and branches in more than 100 countries worldwide, Intertek is committed to redefining the industry with a comprehensive quality assurance service philosophy. We go beyond traditional quality control methods and create innovative and customized assurance, testing, inspection, and certification solutions, providing customers with all-round peace of mind for their operations and supply chains.

About Lithium Valley

Lithium Valley is a leading manufacturer of lithium energy storage systems, committed to providing high-quality and high-performance energy storage solutions for residential and commercial customers. With advanced technology and innovative design, Lithium Valley has achieved remarkable success in the field of power storage and has gained the trust and recognition of customers worldwide. As a key driver of sustainable energy transformation, Lithium Valley will continue to dedicate itself to advancing energy storage technology and contributing to the construction of a clean and reliable energy future.


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