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In certain applications where ensuring power supply to critical facilities within a short period and adjusting seasonal regional load curves are crucial, mobile power storage systems become essential. Lithium Valley’s containerized all-in-one design integrates intelligent environmental monitoring systems, environmental support systems, and energy storage monitoring management systems. It also supports plug-and-play operation with the grid, providing convenience and efficiency in grid support and temporary regional power supply.


Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure (EVCI)

EVs will jump from about 23 percent of all global vehicle sales in 2025 to 45 percent in 2030, according to the McKinsey Center for Future Mobility. This growth will require rapid expansion of regular charging stations and superchargers, putting pressure on the current grid infrastructure and necessitating costly, time-consuming upgrades. To avoid this, charging station companies and owners may opt to put a BESS on their properties.

Critical Infrastructure

For telecommunication towers, data centers, and hospitals, BESS usually provides temporary backup through an uninterruptible power supply during outages until power resumes or diesel generators are turned on.

Harsh Environments

With upcoming regulations (including the European Commission’s sustainability-focused Big Buyers initiative and Oslo’s plan for net zero on construction sites by 2025), customers start to move away from diesel or gas generators in favor of low-emission solutions

Public Infrastructure, Commercial Buildings, and Factories

Using energy storage systems to help with peak shaving, integration with on-site renewables, self-consumption optimization, backup applications, and the provision of grid services. BESS has the potential to reduce energy costs in these areas by up to 80 percent.


150kW/576kWh +248kwp PV

2022, New Zealand

100kW/300kWh +100kwp PV

2021, Poland


2021, South Africa


2020, Ireland


2021, Thailand


2020, United Kingdom

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