This year, "energy storage", "power battery", "new energy vehicles", "lithium resources" and other words become the NPC and CPPCC representatives, members of the hot discussion of the key words. Among them, suggestions and proposals from industry representatives and committee members provide a perspective from the industry market, and also reveal the future development direction of energy storage and new energy. Business representatives this year's NPC and CPPCC suggestions, market, price mechanism has become the focus of most people.

Recently, the National Energy Administration development and Reform Commission officially issued the "Implementation Plan of new Energy Storage Development in the 14th Five-Year Plan. The document proposed that by 2025, new energy storage will step into the stage of large-scale development and meet the conditions for large-scale commercial application. Among them, the performance of electrochemical energy storage technology is further improved and the system cost is reduced by more than 30%.

As can be seen from the TWO sessions and national policies, the value of energy storage in the future will be deeply integrated with the development of new energy and the evolution of power grid under the goal of "carbon peak and carbon neutrality". "Carbon neutrality" has become one of the main lines of China's energy development in the next 40 years, which will surely have a profound and huge impact on the future development of the power industry. In the future, the power grid needs to accommodate a larger scale of new energy, indicating that energy storage will have more space for development. How much energy storage is needed? Although there is no authoritative forecast data, it is clear that energy storage, as a supporting technology for a high proportion of renewable energy, will see significant growth in the next few years.

With the changes of the international/domestic environment (carbon peak, carbon neutrality, energy security, etc.), the energy storage market has witnessed a spurt of development in the past two years, with great demands on the power generation side, the storage side and the electricity side. In the power generation side and storage side, large capacity is in the majority. Generally, container type is adopted, and the capacity exceeds MWh.
At present, there are two main installation methods of container energy storage internal electrical cabinet on the market:
1. Open the door at both ends, the cabinet face is arranged on the opposite side, the aisle is reserved in the middle, and the door end is installed control, fire, power distribution, etc.;
2. Open the door on both sides, install the electric cabinet back to back, and install control, fire fighting, power distribution and so on at both ends.

Two end opening

Two side opening

Different layout, internal module size is different; The size of the container is fixed, and the internal width is about 2.35m. Choose the arrangement mode of 1, because the aisle (about 600~800mm) needs to be reserved in the middle, the actual available size is between 1.5 and 1.7; The depth of each row of cabinets must be within 850mm.

For container size, the arrangement mode is 2. There is no aisle in the middle and the electric cabinets are back to back. The maximum use of internal space, the depth of the electric cabinet size can be close to about 1000mm.
Width and height dimensions can also be decomposed accordingly; For example, choose the platform of about 760V, you can use the more mature 280Ah cell now, according to 8+7+1 layout, you can do about 215kwh (768V280Ah); Just use a general cabinet.


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