As a new type of power technology, lithium-ion battery packs must be connected in series to meet the voltage requirements. The unevenness of the monomer performance is not entirely due to the technical problems of battery production, even if the voltage and internal resistance of each battery are completely at the factory. The same, after a period of use, there will be differences, which makes solving the technical problem of power lithium battery charging an urgent technical problem to be solved.

In order to solve the problem of consistency in the use of power lithium-ion battery packs(especially the lifepo4 batteries), this paper proposes an implementation method of a balanced charge management circuit. First, the characteristics of the single lithium-ion battery are analyzed; then, based on the comparison of various equalizing charging theories, the partial shunt method is selected as the design idea, and the specific circuit design is carried out. Many lithium-ion battery pack charging and discharging experiments show that the balanced charge management circuit can effectively improve the consistency of lithium-ion battery pack charging, improve battery pack performance, and extend its service life.

Due to the problem of inconsistent battery performance, the performance of battery packs in terms of utilization, service life, and safety is far less than that of single batteries. The lithium ion battery management system with efficient and balanced management function can greatly improve the overall performance of the power lithium battery pack, effectively extend the service life of the lithium ion battery pack, and greatly reduce the use and maintenance costs of the entire vehicle. Provide technical support for the promotion of safe, efficient and practical electric vehicles.

At present, the lithium-ion battery management system has made certain progress in battery online monitoring, condition assessment, charging management, data communication, control strategy, etc.


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