Normally,Lithium Valley offer 2 years warranty for our LiFePO4 battery,battery cycle life 2000+ times base on 80% DOD,and after 2000+,there will still be around 65% capacity left.

Customers always asked,why other supplier can offer 5000 times cycle life,now we clarify as below,

1>Single LiFePO4 cell cycle life can reach 5000 times,but the cycle life will loss when make single cell in parallel and in series,its very difficult to keep 5000 times cycle life for LiFePO4 battery packs.(Except the battery that used for car like BYD batteries)

2>Even for 2000 cycle life,the test will takes over 5 years,if 5000 cycle life for LiFePO4 battery pack,it will takes over 13 yeas to test.Do not easily take in trust if somebody told you their LiFePO4 battery pack cycle life can reach 5000 times,since they will take no responsibility for 13 years.

3>Put different LiFePO4 pack(not cell)in series by yourself will hurt the cycle life,since its hard to keep the balance of each pack.

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