100kW Microgrid System

100kW/215kWh Outdoor ESS Cabinet

Safe & Reliable

▄  Built-in fire control, flooding and temperature control, system warning function for multiple security.

▄  Dual Fire suppression system design.

▄  When BAT supplies are insufficient, ATS switches the power supply to DG or grid. STS performs on- grid and off-gridseamless. Switching to ensure continuous power supply of load.

Advanced & Guaranteed

▄   Integrated BMS/PCS/MPPT/isolation transformer/EMS, suitable for various applications.

▄   DC coupling system ensuring: higher DC/AC ratio, higher round trip efficiency.

▄   Complete fault protection function, low battery circulation, automatic current sharing for multiple parallel machines.

▄  Fully tested before delivery,easy to transport and less on-site installation.

Service & Support

▄  Provide various application solutions.

▄  Fast deliver y and installation,we take care of the entire delivery and installation process,ensuring that the batteryies are installed safely and correctly.

▄  Remote monitoring services to ensure that the system is operating efficiently and to identify potential issues before they become major problems.

Smart & Connective

▄  Energy storage system and equipment-level 3D visualization, real-time presentation system.Running status and parameters.

▄ Realize energy storage anytime and anywhere through the mobile APP client Station operation status check and maintenance management.

▄  Realize regular storage and distribution of charging and discharging data of energy storage power stations Analysis of power plant investment and operation costs and benefits in different dimensions.

Technical Data

215kWh Data
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