Lithium Valley | 15kWh Solar Energy Storage System

Here comes our new product: 15kWh Solar Energy Storage System It is a combination of market electricity, solar charging, and AC output. 48V 300Ah LiFePO4 Check out for more information and a detailed explanation, take one for your home and it will work perfectly when the power is off.

Lithium Valley | LiFEPO4 battery 96V 300AH for heavy-duty vehicles

We are a battery manufacturer, specializing in lithium batteries for 12 years. Our products have passed ISO9001, CE certification, and enjoy a high reputation in Europe and North America. Welcome to do OEM and ODM business with us!

Lithium Valley | LTO Lithium Titanate Battery 25.3V 135AH Bluetooth communication

It adopts the structure of 11 series and 3 parallel, each single cell is 45AH lithium titanate battery. Working at -40℃! If you would like some more details, please contact us  #lithiumbattery #LiFePO4 #productreviews

Lithium Valley | 10KWh Home Energy Storage System

This is a household energy storage power supply with an output power of 5kW and energy storage capacity is 10kW hours, very convenient for home usage, check out our video for more details!

LV Production line | LiFEPO4 battery 48V 105AH Production Process

Do you know how a high-quality battery is produced? Let’s go to our factory and find out!

Lithium Valley | 336V 60AH Yacht Motor Battery Testing

LiFePO4 battery 336V 60AH +BMS, RS485 /CAN communication,Maximum peak discharge current is 160A for 1 min, supporting the motor working properly.



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