All-in-one Integrated Stackable Energy Storage System EU version

Designed to outperform traditional lead-acid batteries on the road, on the water or off the grid, enjoy the freedom that comes with having more usable energy in a lightweight, no maintenance package that’s safe, reliable and worry-free.

The last thing you need when you’re getting ready for a fishing trip, game of golf or road trip is a battery that doesn’t power your application effectively. LiFePO4 batteries are one of the most durable and reliable energy sources on the market. And, they’re perfect for powering all of your adventures. Take the next step in green energy with rechargeable LiFePO4 batteries.

Certain applications benefit greatly from custom battery solutions. Watercraft, aircraft and other vehicles, for instance, have weight and balance specifications to meet, and customizing your battery helps meet those requirements. Our custom lithium battery packs offer turnkey solutions that combine lithium battery cells, a battery management system, mechanicals, communications and safety certifications.

Customized logo(Min. Order 100 Pieces)
Customized packaging(Min. Order 100 Pieces)

Product Specification

  • LiFePO4 battery module,Single module is 51.2V 100Ah.
  • 1 to 3 layers recommended.
  • Cobalt Free Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) Battery: Maximum Safety, Life Cycle and Power.
  • Applicable on grid or hybrid on and off-Grid solar energy storage system.
  • Self-Consumption Optimization for Residential and Commercial Applications.
  • Modular Design Simplifies Transport and Installation.
Number of layers 1 layers 2 layers 3 layers
Model 51.2V










Energy 10.24KWh 15.36KWh 20.48KWh 25.6KWh 30.72KWh
Operating Voltage Range 43.2V~56.16V
Cell technology Lithium-iron phosphate (LiFePO4)
Life cycle 6000 times @80%DOD
Max. charge/discharge current (A) 120A
MAX PVPower (W) 9000
Max PV voltage (V) 550
Max input current (input A/input B) (A) 15/15
Max short current (input A/input B) (A) 20/20
Start operating voltage (V) 90
MPPT voltage range (V) 70-520
No.of MPPT trackers 2
String per MPP tracker 3
Nominal AC output power (W) 6000
Max. AC output apparent power (VA) 6000
Max.AC output power (PF=1) (W) 6000
Max. AC output current (A) 27.2
Rated AC voltage (V) 220
AC voltage range (V) 150-300 (adjustable)
Rated grid frequency (Hz) 50/60
AC frequency range (Hz) 45-55/55-65 (adjustable)
Grid connecion single phase
Power factor > 0.99 @rated power (adjustable 0.8 LG – 0.8 LD)
THDI <3%
Nominal output voltage (V) 230
Nominal output frequency (Hz) 50/60
Nominal output power (W) 6000
Nominal output current (A) 260
Transfer time (ms) 10(typ) / 20(max)
THDV <3% @100% R Load
General Data
Max. operation altitude (m) 4000
Noise emission (dB) <35
Operating temperature range (℃) -25~60
Relative humidity (%) 0~100
Cooling concept Natural Cooling
Mounting Wall bracket
Communication Modbus, RS485, WIFI, 4G
Certification IEC62109-1&2, IEC62040-1, IEC62477-1

Performance Characteristic

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we put different LiFePO4 battery pack in parallel or series by ourself?

Yes. The battery can be put in parallel or series by customers. But there are few tips we need to pay attention; 1> Make sure the voltage/capacity of each battery are same before put in parallel. If they are not same, charge them to the same rate. 2> Don’t put used battery and new battery in parallel. This may reduce the capacity of the whole battery pack. 3> Advise us the target capacity of the whole pack if you would like to put them in series. We will choose the suitable BMS for each battery. 4> If you are not professional in parallel and series batteries, please don’t handle the battery by yourself. It may cause danger and hurt the cycle life of battery.

What’s the lead time for mass production?

It depends on the actual situation. 3-7 days with stock, if without stock, that will be depends on your order quantity, normally needs 20-25 days.

Can I be your distributor?

Yes, directly email to [email protected] we can discuss about this. We need to know your target market, what application you want to cover, and estimate yearly purchase volume.

How do you control the quality?

We have ISO9001 certification, from incoming materials to production, and then to delivery, there are corresponding QC control. Battery cells will be divided before assembly, and aging test will be conducted before the battery pack leaves the factory to confirm that it is normal before shipment.

What is your warranty?

We offer 10 years warranty for all our battery pack. we ensure at least 6,000 cycle life for the LiFePO4 battery pack, which means, after 2,400, 80% DOD, there will still around 60% capacity left. You can use it for at least 5 years for normal 1 time charge and discharge everyday.

How do you provide warranty?

Please check the attached warranty. During the warranty period and in the case of correct use, if there is a problem, we will provide new parts free of charge and guide replacement. If the feedback is unable to be repaired, we will replace the new products free of charge, but the problem products must be kept at your place, our engineers will go to help you check and repair.


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