Fishing Batteries

Commonly used in the following applications: fish finders, flashers and boating electronics, ice fishing, camping, scooters, solar and emergency lighting, robotics, remote power, UPS, security backup systems, telecommunications, and other deep cycle applications.

Many countries have fishing enthusiasts, the most suitable countries for fishing have an irreplaceable natural advantage.

“The country of boat fishing”-the United States Boat fishing activities in the United States are very popular. It is estimated that by 2000, there will be nearly 100 million people participating in fishing. The United States is well-known for boat fishing. According to statistics, by 1996, there were 58 million fishing boats in the country. There are advanced equipment such as fish finder, radar, and automatic detector on board. A field boat fishing competition is held every year in Hawaii. This is also the world’s earliest international competition.


Fishing paradise:Japan, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Finland, Sweden

These countries are popular for ice fishing.


Many electronics are used when for fishing activites,


Fish finder,fising boat,power bank,bait boat.

Lithium Valley products are widely used in those application,as the power for all electronic devices.

Lithium batteries have the advantages of light weight and low maintenance, making them the preferred choice for power supply for low speed electric vehicles. Since the lithium battery can provide the same voltage as the lead-acid battery, the user does not need to modify the electric golf cart.Lithium iron phosphate batteries have become a new trend in industrial batteries. Compared with traditional lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries have a large qualitative change and are a more environmentally friendly energy solution.  Although the initial battery replacement cost is slightly higher, the advantages of lithium batteries will save users more money during later use.

Battery VoltageBattery CapacityBattery Case
12V8AHABS Plastic Case (waterproof)
12V10AHABS Plastic Case (waterproof)
12V12AHABS Plastic Case (waterproof)
12V16AHABS Plastic Case (waterproof)
12V18AHABS Plastic Case (waterproof)
12V30AhABS Plastic Case (waterproof)
12V50AhABS Plastic Case (waterproof)
12V100AhABS Plastic Case (waterproof)
24V50AhABS Plastic Case (waterproof)
36V50AHABS Plastic Case (waterproof)

Advantage:Other model customizeable, battery also can be put in parallel for hight capacity

60% lighter than equivalent Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries
5 times longer life (2000 charge cycles vs. 400 on SLA)
75% higher effective capacity than SLA batteries
ISealed and maintenance free operation, non-spillable construction design with safety valve for explosion prevention.ncludes Battery Management System (BMS) protection circuit

This lightweight battery is functional and safe. It is valve regulated which makes it impossible to spill, and with its tightly sealed construction, it can be operated from any angle! With its hard plastic case, it can take severe amounts of high impact and not do any damage. This battery will last a long time both physically and chemically.

It has twice the power, half the weight and lasts much longer than its lead-acid counterparts. This powerful lithium battery packs a punch, giving you the perfect amount of power for full-day fishing and outdoor recreation adventures.

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