Caravan, RV, Motor home back up Batteries

For Recreational Vehicle or camping car back up battery.

Commenn models that use as Caravan Battery

 Battery Voltage    Battery Capacity              Total Energy
Other model customizeable, battery also can be put in parallel for hight capacity

Caravan/camper/RV battery users know that lead-acid batteries have low energy density, heavy weight, low discharge rate and non-environmental characteristics, and are not satisfactory as a backup power source for modern portable devices.

Lithium battery has high specific energy, light weight, small size, long life, high safety and high consistency,  and it has become the first choice as lead-acid replacement battery.

Caravan/Camper/RV lithium batteries require high operating voltages, long working hours and special ambient temperatures. Therefore, combined with relevant parameters, lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4)battery can meet customer requirements.

Lithium Valley focus on LiFePO4 battery pack,which have half size and weight compared with AGM/GEL/Lead acid batteries but twice power.

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