AGV RGV fast charge Batteries

Fast charge, RS485, RS232, CAN available

 Battery Voltage    Battery Capacity            Communication Protocol
Other model customizeable, more choice such as selfheating, balancing

Automated Guided Vehicle System (AGVS) Material handling in manufacturing system is becoming easier as the automated machine technology has improved.

One of the material handling methods that has been widely used in most industry now a days is the Automated Guided Vehicle System or better known as the AGVS.

Until today there are many researchers that have shown interests in improving the system in order to achieve more productivity and flexibility in manufacturing environments.

AGV battery usually use 24v 48v battery packs with Bulit in RS485/CANbus BMS, and it enables battery for fast charge with 1C or 2C current.  Battery capacity depends on the real needs and size limitation.

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